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ADVENTURES 2021 - 2022


Birding the Albertine Rift, Into Uganda - June 5th - 17th, 2021 - $8750
Albertine Description | Albertine Itinerary | Albertine Details |

The Western Rift Valley in East Africa is one of the world’s greatest hot-spots for birding. Among its 1000 species of birds there are 100 endemics that live nowhere else on earth. Their beauty, variety and trilling songs will be on full display during this vibrant mating season. Along with a seasoned local expert we’ll poke around the jungles, volcanoes, lakes, and grasslands in search of as many birds as we can find. Our trip total will likely reach at least 500. Along the way we’ll marvel at the stunning beauty of the region, with snow-capped mountains, highland forests that are home to gorillas and chimpanzees, to grassland savannah where elephants and antelope roam.

Climb Kilimanjaro: To the Apex of Africa, Tanzania - 
July 26th - August 7th, 2021 - $7900
Kilimanjaro Description | Kilimanjaro Itinerary | Kilimanjaro Details |

Climb Africa’s highest peak (19,340’) by the scenic seldom-used Northern Circuit Route. Experience solitude on the big mountain while carrying only a day-pack, camping in style. Before and after, visit Arusha & Tarangire National Parks by 4x4. 

Into Croatia: The Adriatic by Private Yacht - 
September 13th - 26th, 2021 - $9500

Croatian Coast Description | Croatian Coast Itinerary | Croatian CoastDetails |

Cruise the coasts and the islands of the Adriatic aboard our private yacht. We’ll drive a few days through the delightful countryside, visiting unusual towns and walking in national parks. The we’ll board our chartered 85’ yacht to cruise the coast for a week, visiting graceful pine-covered islands, quiet towns with ancient appeal, historic fortresses and busy fishing villages. Each night we’ll drop anchor in secluded coves where our on-board chef and experienced crew will make life very enjoyable for us on this one-of-a-kind adventure.


Galapagos & the Amazon: Into the Heart of Nature November 30th - December 13th, 2021 - $9850
Galapagos Description | Galapagos Itinerary | Galapagos Details |

Take a dive into shining nature in two of Earth's finest masterpieces: their beauty and diversity are both mysterious and unsurprising.  We'll travel by motor-launch and dugout canoe deep into the Amazon rainforest to our private lodge. With our dedicated naturalist we'll hike and canoe into this pristine wilderness to glimpse its spectacular variety of life. Then cruise the Galapagos, Darwin's 'Enchanted Islands', in our own enchanting style, aboard our private 82’ catamaran, the Nemo II. With a full crew, a chef, and a live-aboard naturalist, we'll hike the islands on our own time, away from the crowds, we'll swim the waters with playful sea-lions and penguins, and we'll cruise the sea in luxury.

Contact Skip for More Information or 406-369-5367


Colombia: Into the Heart of an Emrging Nation - February 27th - March 11th - 2022 - $5950

Columbia Description | Columbia Itinerary | Columbia Details |

Experience this diverse country, full of surprises, as it emerges once again into the modern world. Trek into the picturesque Los Nevados National Park with its unique flora and fauna biodiversity, with an optional ascent of Volcan Tolima, 17,500’. Venture into the upper Amazon to experience unexpected wildlife and flora, and recently discovered ancient petroglyphs, from the comfort of a newly built eco-lodge, in what was once a  guerilla stronghold. Finish in style along the Caribbean coast at the colonial city of Cartagena.

Kangchenjunga: Into the Heart of the Himalayas - April 2022
 - $8900

Kangchenjunga Description | Kangchenjunga Itinerary | Kangchenjunga Details |

Trek to the stunning base of the most massive peak in the Himalaya. Kangchenjunga has five summits over 25,000', peaking out at 28,170', the third-highest in the world. Rising from the jungles in eastern Nepal, this is the least visited of the big peaks. We'll fly into the middle hills where we'll meet our Sherpa crew and porters. 14 days of trekking will take us to both north and south base-camps, each about 15,500', and over a 17,000' pass. Helicopter back to Kathmandu to finish. A remarkable journey into that untraveled world.

Into Namibia: The Unknown Heart of Southern Africa - 
October 3rd -15th, 2022 - $9600

Namibia Description | Namibia Itinerary | Namibia Details |

Explore the awesome landscapes of giant red sand dunes, immense sparkling-red granite cliffs sprinkled with exotic flora and fauna, and a tempestuous coastline hosting unlikely populations of oryx, giraffe, and desert-adapted elephants. Tribal cultures little changed by modern times still wander these wild places. We’ll immerse ourselves in the best of this unexpectedly inviting country, lodging in remote camps at Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast, Etosha, and surprising Damaraland, traveling on foot, 4x4, and chartered aircraft.

Into Sudan: Traveling to an Antique Land - December - 2022 - $????

Sudan Description | Sudan Itinerary | Sudan Details |

Venture into one of the least-known and least-understood countries in Africa. From intriguing Khartoum, where Chinese Gordon took on Mahdi Ahmad above the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile, to the myriad pyramids and tombs of the ancient Nubian Empire, to the scenic and surreal Taka Mountains, we’ll explore it's history and it's hinterlands for a deep look into this fascinating country. Optional post-trip excursion to visit the antiquities and modernities of Egypt.

Contact Skip for More Information or 406-369-5367