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Croatia is a new country with an ancient history. Settled in distant pre-history, it has remained at the forefront of European development and dynasty. With its benevolent climate that is especially lovely in the early Summer, fertile lands that produce fine crops, not least of which are grapes, supporting a strong wine-making industry, a varied topography that is a pleasure to experience both by foot and by road, and the ever-present Adriatic Sea with its warm breezes and calm waters, it remains a much sought-after and appreciated land by both resident and foreigner. Today Croatia is a stable country with a solid economy, and a most attractive destination for adventure travelers.

Our trip will encompass all the best of this varied country. On foot and by vehicle we’ll explore quiet, pastoral countryside and the best of its many national parks. We’ll visit several of its fascinating and historic cities and villages. And from our luxurious 100’ yacht we’ll cruise the Adriatic coast and explore the islands made famous by ancient Greek mariners.

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