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A total solar eclipse is Nature’s strangest and most spellbinding phenomenon.  Total solar eclipses occur less than once a year worldwide, and only along very narrow earthly pathways, usually less than 30 miles across. The Sun, the Moon and Earth must be perfectly aligned, in what’s known as a syzygy. Because of the variations in the orbits of the Moon and Earth, this spectacular configuration rarely occurs. When it does, it often traverses open ocean or extremely high latitudes well away from view for most of humanity.  A rare exception will take place on December 14, 2020, when the Sun’s umbra passes over a swath of lakes and forests and mountains in a region of southern Chile known as the Lake District, in northern Patagonia.

The Lake District is known for its lakes, naturally. Lago Villarrica is one of the loveliest and largest of these lakes, and we will be ideally placed along its shores in the village of Pucon for the week of the eclipse. Snow-covered Volcan Villarrica rising scenically above, the perfectly shaped volcano. This region has plenty of attractive wild country, including rich forests, tumbling rivers full of trout, and hot springs. There are a number of other volcanoes in the area, some of which are active, including Villarrica itself. Every hotel room for miles around has long since been booked up for this celestial event. We’ve reserved rooms in an excellent small lodge for the week, the Playa Grande Suites, from which we’ll base our week’s activities, including several hikes, a river trip, a visit to a remote hot-springs, and an optional mountain climb. On Eclipse Day we’ll leave early to reach our private and remote viewing point, well away from other eclipsophiles.

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