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Ecuador is the smallest Andean nation, but one of the most diverse and exciting. From the rainforests of the Amazon, to the highlands of the Andes, to the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands far out in the Pacific, it packs in an amazing amount of adventure.

We’ll venture deep into the Amazon Basin, to the Napo Wildlife Center in the heart of Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.  For four days we’ll hike and paddle deep into the jungle for up-close encounters with the unique flora and fauna. Professional local guides will lead each days’ venture to identify and interpret the bewildering array of life-forms. Nights will be spent in private thatch and stucco bungalow cottages, and meals will be prepared by a fine chef. This is luxury in the heart of the jungle.

Then we’ll fly to the Galapagos Islands to embark on a 7-day cruise on our 82’ luxury private catamaran sailing yacht, the Nemo II, where each couple has their own en suite stateroom.  We’ll visit at least 8 different islands, hiking, paddling and snorkeling into this extraordinary reserve.  Again, we’ll always be accompanied by a local professional guide, who will identify and interpret this archipelago of worldwide fame. Sea-kayaks are available on board, as is snorkeling gear, and scuba-diving is also possible for those with PADI certification. A prize-winning chef will prepare all meals. Life aboard our private yacht will be exciting and very comfortable.

Three times we’ll overnight in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. On each visit we’ll sample its old colonial charm, its unique cuisine, and its Andean vistas.

Paddle canoes through jungle rivers in search of wildlife.
Hike trails deep in the rainforest with a naturalist guide.
Visit clay-licks frequented by hundreds of colorful macaws and parrots.
Sleep to the exotic sounds of the jungle.
Partake of the old-world charm and cuisine of Quito.
Cruise the Galapagos in a fully-staffed luxury catamaran.
Sea-kayak, snorkel, scuba-dive and swim in the clear Pacific.
Hike with tortoises, iguanas and dozens of bird species.
Sleep to the gentle roll of the sea.

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