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MT. PARCHAMO,  20,298'        NEPAL HIMALAYA            April 3-21, 2017                                                                                                          

Deep in the Himalayas, hidden among the well-known giants of Everest, Cho Oyu and Gauri Shankar, is a spectacular mountain that gives views of these magnificent peaks, and more.  The North Ridge of Parchamo, 20,298' high, is a straightforward but steep and mildly technical snow and ice climb requiring ice ax and crampons. We'll climb on fixed ropes up slopes approaching 50 degrees.  It's a do-able climb for most people who are in top shape and possess a desire for high adventure. We will take time before the ascent to review and practice climbing techniques. The trek in and out will be an adventure in itself, traveling through the Khumbu, the home of the Sherpas, but branching off into the Thame valley, country seldom visited by outsiders. Our high camp will be on the Tesi Lapcha pass at over 18,000', where the climb begins.

We will be accompanied throughout by a full team of Sherpas, porters and cooks.

Skip Horner will personally guide this climb along with his high-altitude Sherpas.

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