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                           February 25 - March 5, 2017

At the uttermost end of the earth, along the south-western coast of South America, lies some of the most rugged and least-travelled terrain on the planet.  Glaciers tumble off towering mountains into enormous lakes and even into the sea.  Huge turquoise lakes and sprawling old-growth forests cover a landscape with few human travelers and fewer inhabitants.  Pumas, condors, and guanacos roam this primeval panorama.  A multitude of wilderness adventures await. Accommodations are simple old-world lodges and fine estancias run by gracious proprietors. This will be a trip into the past, when the world was young and fresh and unaffected by the hands of humans, and when the pace of nature was the only clock.

Added to the mystique of this trip will be the singular event of a total solar eclipse that will take place on our first day. This will be an annular eclipse, meaning the moon will be slightly smaller than the disk of the sun, leaving a ring of sun and a brilliant aurora of solar prominences visible to us. Eclipses are ephemeral, this one lasts only about two minutes. We'll be directly on the center line of the eclipse, and we'll us special glasses to safely view this enigmatic phenomenon.

For the next week we'll travel by boat, van and foot through this remote area of central Patagonia, hiking quiet trails into deep forests, along glacial moraines, and high into the mountains. We’ll camp out for a couple of nights, with porters carrying the big loads, and with a versatile chef cooking our meals. Other nights we'll stay in comfortable lodging typical of Patagonia, giving us the true flavor of this far-away land. Arrangements can be made for special interests, such as fly-fishing, mountain-biking, lake boating & kayaking, horseback riding, and unusual photography.  Of special note is Pumalin National Park, where we'll spend our final two nights. It was founded by famous conservationist (and old friend of mine), the late Doug Tompkins, and his wife Kris.   This park is unique in the world, read about it at .

Skip Horner will personally guide this trip. Skip has traveled extensively in Patagonia over the course of several decades. He knows the area well, he speaks Spanish, and he enjoys getting his groups involved with the culture.

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