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You've led me to some of the defining moments of my life, and it's been a hell of a good time."
                                Russ Lawrence- Entrepreneur, Hamilton, Montana

Leigh & Josh Paschke;   Hendersonville, NC
"We can't thank you enough putting together and planning our Africation:) We are still pinching ourselves in disbelief. Everything went without a hitch! We felt completely safe from our arrival till departure. Our guides were THE BEST! We wouldn't have changed a thing.  Thank you for everything, and we'll definitely contact you for our next adventure."

"We can't thank you enough for your leadership and friendship during our amazing 2014 Mongolia expedition.
Your knowledge and experience in climbing, which is vast, was only outdone by your wisdom, judgment and human understanding.
We will treasure our time together for a long time."
    Greg Avis
     Investment banker
    Palo Alto, CA

Prince Bandar bin Sultan (ex-Ambassador to the US from Saudi Arabia)
“A strong America means a strong Saudi Arabia, and what Skip Horner is doing
inspires Americans to greatness. I fully support his project.”

Steve Fossett (Adventurer) “Skip Horner is the finest guide I know of. I’d go anywhere
with him, especially into the mountains. He’s thorough, and thoughtful.”

David Lee Roth (Rock Star) “Skip took me into the jungle, and brought me back alive.
He’s a real outdoorsman, he gets the job done.”

Glen Porzak (ex-president of the American Alpine Club)
“Skip is the best guide in the world.”

Tom Hornbein (first ascent of the West Ridge of Mt Everest)
“If I went back to Everest, I’d have Skip Horner carry me.”

Mel Wichter, MD  (Professor of Clinical Neurology, U.I.Chicago College of Medicine)
"For three decades Skip, with his charismatic and inspirational character, has allowed me
to safely see and touch much of our planet".