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At Skip Horner Worldwide, our enthusiasm for the world of adventure is undaunted, and 2020/21 will be another year of exciting travel to the far corners of the world.

Seasoned travelers know this is a great time to see the world, and we provide unprecedented access to its remote places. We understand the existential threat we face in certain areas, and we don't take this lightly. But neither are we willing to stay home out of fear. Submitting to fear only leads to more fear and a curtailment of our freedom. We must always travel smart.  But, we must always travel.

We remain unswerving in our resolve to seek out the exotic, the beautiful & the rare in our world.  Our unconventional trips take travelers up great peaks, down challenging rivers, on unique wildlife safaris, and into remote cultures. We design one-of-a-kind trips to out-of-the-way places for small groups of like-minded people. It's a unique style available nowhere else, and it's based on our 40+ years of traveling the world adventurously to all 7 continents.

We also design private trips and safaris, even honeymoons! Some come to us with a specific trip in mind.  For others we suggest destinations, then craft their private holiday. We have friends and contacts all over the world, and we’ve organized private trips to such places as Tanzania, Botswana, Australia, Mongolia, Nepal, the Alps, Patagonia and Colombia.  Call us, we have some great ideas.

The world remains a magical place, so we must go! If adventure is on your mind, then come travel with us.  We’ll enjoy sharing our love and knowledge of the world’s wild places with you.

Get out and stay out!



Skip & Elizabeth Horner

Skip Horner was the only one to successfully run Hung Men Kow Rapid on the first descent of the Great Bend section of the Yangtze River. 1989. Other boats either portaged or capsized. With a water volume of 200,000 cfs, this hydraulic was one of the most powerful features Skip ever ran in his 20,000 miles of whitewater rafting worldwide.